Which books are appropriate for your child to read?

At times it is challenging to know if a particular book is appropriate for a child to read.  I have been using this site which has been very helpful to me, as a librarian, to decide which books are appropriate for use in our school library.  You may want to visit the site when deciding if you want your child to read a certain book.

Accelerated Reader

Does the book my child is reading have an AR test to go with it? Check AR BookFinder!

GradeReading LevelAR PointsNotes
86,7,8+18Check with teacher if below lvl 6
75,6,7+15Check with teacher if below lvl 5
64,5,6+12Check with teacher if below lvl 4
54,5+9Check with teacher if below lvl 4
43,4+6Check with teacher if below lvl 3
32,3+3Check with teacher if below lvl 2
1 & K1+1+Advanced Reader/Enrichment


Choose from a huge variety of books that the students are interested in all year long!

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