The Diocese of Fort Wayne – South Bend has developed Catechetical Curriculum Guidelines based upon the directives of the 2005 National Directory for Catechesis. Because the aim of Catechesis, according to Pope Paul II is “to bring each person into union and intimacy with Christ” there must be the engagement of the mind and heart as these guidelines direct. Practical and interactive life application and prayer assist in this process of engaging and forming the whole person. The teachers in school assist the parents in providing practical applications, prayer experiences, and community worship at Mass.

Through the curriculum guidelines, each grade level has a different goal, but one builds upon the other:

Kindergarten: God the Creator and Holy Family

Grade One: God gives His Son, Jesus

Grade Two: Preparation for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist

Grade Three: Understanding the Church

Grade Four: The Ten Commandments and Beatitudes

Grade Five: The Seven Sacraments

Grade Six: The Old Testament

Grade Seven: Three units: three of the tasks of Catechesis:

  • Christological approach to New Testament (Creed)   (following Old Testament in Grade Six)
  • Confirmation Preparation (Sacraments)
  • Prayer

Grade Eight: Three units: the other three of the six tasks of Catechesis:

  • Morality
  • Community
  • Missionary Spirit and Church History

Our Sunday Visitors' Alive in Christ (grades 1-8) and Allelu(Kindergarten) are the texts used at all grade levels. Additional parent and family resources are available here.


Parent and child preparation for the initial reception of sacraments is coordinated by the parish Religious Education Office.