August 20, 2021 Newsletter

Our school planners this year are themed Growing in Faith”. One of the Theological Virtues is FAITH. Faith enables one to know God and all that He has revealed. This virtue is one in which all of us strive to grow throughout our lives. We really don’t ever reach this goal until we reach our ultimate goal to be with God in Heaven. This year as we focus on growing in Faith, we will visit various other virtues which help us to do so. We are created in the image and likeness of God and therefore we help each other and encourage each other and realize that we need each other as we journey through life to join God in Heaven.      “Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up!”  1Thessalonians 5 :11

COVID-19 Reminder:  If you have multiple children and one child (or parent) has COVID symptoms, then all the children should stay home until there has been communication with our School Nurse, Mrs. Tippmann. This will save both parents and school the inconvenience of having to send siblings home during the school day. Parents, please follow the normal absence protocols, either calling or emailing, and in your message explain the illness - what symptoms your child is experiencing. Mrs. Linn will record the absences and reasons, and Nurse Tippmann will call home and discuss the situation and whether or not isolation/quarantine is needed. Overall, you continue to do well with all of this. Keep up the good work! You can email Nurse Tippmann any time at She will respond promptly. Thank you everyone.  -Rob S.

Dear Parents and Students - I hope that all of you had a chance to view the videos available for Back-to-School Night (link here) This provides an opportunity to meet our teachers, and learn about classroom goals and expectations, hear about our SCRIP program, and consider Cafeteria volunteering opportunities. I thank all involved for providing the content and engaging in the video format. 
    COVID-19 Update - We are contact tracing and quarantining!  As was expected, once up and running, our school and our community at large are experiencing positive Covid-19 cases. All schools are required to contact trace and quarantine when we receive a report that a student or adult in the building has tested positive. I have copied and pasted the most recent guidelines from the Allen County Department of Health at the end of this newsletter. Please take a few minutes to read the expectations. Thank you.
    Bring Refillable Water Bottles to school each day - A reminder to have students please bring refillable water bottles to school each day.  We have replaced most of our drinking fountains with water bottle filling stations to prevent sharing of saliva and also to allow students easier access to hydration throughout the day. This is also the expectation for our athletic team members. Avoid plastic water bottles and plan for a refillable, reusable bottle. Write your child’s name 2x on the bottle a few times, and enjoy hydrating!
    All are invited to the Athletic Teams Kick-off on Saturday evening described below. You can buy a bit of dinner or a treat for your children and enjoy social time with other families. All are welcome! 
   In closing, please pray for all who are in danger or suffering in Haiti and Afghanistan and within our community! We have those ill in our community who need your daily prayers and those around the world who need our prayers. Help with deeds where you can (money, labor, words of encouragement, etc.) and always pray unceasingly for those in need. Have a nice weekend. -Rob S.

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