January 20, 2023 Newsletter

Upcoming Dates of Importance
Sunday, January 29th - FREE COFFEE & DONUTS after all morning Masses to kick off CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK! 
Monday, February 13th - One Hour Delay Students report to school by 8:50 a.m.  [Diocesan Curriculum Time]
Thursday, February 23rd -Early Dismissal 12:45pm         St. Charles hosts 5 schools for Diocesan Curriculum Day

Borromeo Bash   -Monte Cardinal night!
Ceruti’s Event Center
6601 Innovation Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN 46816
Saturday, February 4th, 2023 5:30-11:30 pm
BORROMEO BASH TICKETS STILL ON SALE, BUT GOING FAST! We’ve sold over 430 tickets so far, but there is still time to join us! Follow the links below and buy one ticket, two, or even one of the last tables for our 2023 Borromeo Bash! Also, if you would still like to donate, we are accepting Gift Cards for games and auction item add ons. Put a gift card in an envelope and write Borromeo Bash on it then send it into school with your child or drop it in the collection basket at church.  Thank you!
40 tickets still available and a table or two if interested in attending. You may purchase tickets at 
If you would like to volunteer for this great event you can link to the sign-up sheet here: Volunteer Sign-up Link OR  go to the & click Be a Borromeo Bash Volunteer
Awesome auction items! A delicious meal! Fabulous & fun casino prizes! Great people!

ON’T BE AN ANGRY SPORTS FAN! PLEASE STAY CLASSY OR STAY HOME! I have been receiving complaints that a few of our parents, students, and friends have been behaving poorly at various basketball games this season. Screaming at referees, taunting other team’s players or coaches, and parents yelling too crazily at our own players or their own children. Loud and passionate is fine, but always positive. We are to model sportsmanship for our young people and provide support without berating or tearing down those involved in the games. When at an event, here sports, we are representing God, family, and school - in that order; so we want to support our young people, coaches, & referees and do so with class!
+Over the years, throughout the CYO, we have had to ban an occasional parent or two from attending games due to continued unsportsmanlike comments and rants.
+Remember, if a referee, administrator, coach, or Athletic Board Officer has to ask a fan(s) to settle down, or to cease with the rantings, then they should do so.
+If a referee, administrator, coach, or Athletic Board Officer instructs a fan(s) to leave the arena or playing area, then they should do so. At this point, any arguing, confrontation, and/or failure to leave will result in a call to local law enforcement for removal.
+Any adult or student who is asked to leave a game will be suspended, at minimum, for the next game.
+Finally, I have reprinted below the Cardinal Athletic Code of Conduct Agreement from the Parent Handbook. Every parent signs an acknowledgement of the Handbook before each new school year. Please review the Code and let’s move forward in a sporting manner.
Over the years, at times, I have yelled too much or been too demanding on my own children at times. No excuses. It was poor behavior and it stopped. These are games with young people involved. We need to enjoy their efforts and stay classy! - Rob S.

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