May 27, 2022 Newsletter


Join Us!! For A Mass Of Thanksgiving With Bishop Rhoades To Celebrate Our Newly-Renovated St. Charles Borromeo Church!
Tuesday, May 31 at 7:00 p.m. All are welcome! The blessing of the new Tabernacle, tours, and Holy Mass!

All are invited to attend a Mass of thanksgiving with Bishop Rhoades on Tuesday evening as we celebrate the completion of the church renovation project. Many priests who have served our parish in past years will be in attendance to celebrate with us as well. Following the Mass, mini tours will be offered with explanations of the artwork and the renovation process. An ice cream social will be held outdoors after Mass! For those who can’t be present in person, the parish website will offer a livestream link here.

Dear Parents and Students,
     On behalf of our Pastor Fr. Tom Shoemaker, Fr. James, Fr. Koehl, Sister Genevieve, Mr. Hoersten, and all of our Faculty and Staff, we wish everyone a safe and peaceful summer! The beauty and light of the spring and summer brings us renewal and hope as we recharge, grow in God’s goodness through prayer, Mass, and kind deeds, and enjoy family and friends, and some summer fun.  We want to come back in August renewed and ready to learn, pray, compete, grow, and love for another year!
     Thank you, parents, for your children and your support!  You are the primary educators of your children, and overall, you do an excellent job!  As parents, let’s try to be firm, but merciful, in word & deed, towards our children.  Encouraging our children and one another daily, through prayer and kind deeds, not only builds up our young ones and our community, but also builds us up personally.  Be safe. Be good. Stay close to God. Attend Mass regularly. Enjoy the summer!    Sincerely - Rob S.

Thank You’s & Farewells! Among the excitement of the approaching summer, we also have some sad farewells. We want to recognize our faculty and staff who will be leaving us at the end of this year, and thank them for their time with us!
     Goodbye to Mrs. Berghoff - Resource & Enrichment. Mrs. Berghoff, in her myriad of teaching roles over the years, always greeted with a smile and took a moment to ask about life and family on a consistent basis. Whether teaching grade 4, or grade 7 literature, or in her role in Resource and Enrichment, she always worked to provide a finely detailed and superbly rich experience for the students in her care. After 38 years of teaching, Mrs. Berghoff will retire to spend more time with husband John and all of her grandbabies! Thank you, Mrs. Berghoff, for sharing your talents with so many, many students! Peace to you in the years ahead!
     Goodbye to Mrs. Pittenger - Resource Junior High. It takes a special gift to work with junior high students and Mrs. Pittenger excelled at helping those in her care. As one of the most knowledgeable and thorough teachers in our school, her professionalism will be missed by her colleagues and students. She worked with a variety of ages over the years, patiently teaching students how to work hard, have confidence, and find success. After a brief recharging, I fully expect to find her tutoring students in the near future. Thank you Mrs. Pittenger for your tireless effort, faith witness, and love and care for your students! Peace and blessings on your next move! 
     Goodbye to Mrs. Knox - Librarian. Mrs. Theresa Kox began her time at St. Charles as a Student-Teacher 13 years ago and was hired in her first position as a grade 2 Teacher shortly after that.  She transitioned to the library 7 years ago and helped transition our media center from the Dewey Decimal system into the online age. Mrs. Knox will be cutting back her work schedule to spend more time with her husband Andrew and son Leo.  Along with Mrs. Pittenger, students will miss her presence greeting them at the door each morning, previewing newly arrived books, and helping them pick out just the right stories to keep them excited about reading. We wish you joy and peace in your journey ahead!
     Goodbye to Mrs. Dickerson - PreK4 Teacher Mrs. Dickerson has been with us since day 1 of the start of our PreK-4 Program 5 years ago and she will be greatly missed!  The four-year old mind is a vast and mysterious place, and somehow Mrs. Dickerson seemed to be able to reach out and reel those little hearts, minds, and bodies into day after day of successful learning, caring for one another, and loving God. Mrs. Dickerson will step aside to spend more time with her mother, assist with the family business, and dabble in a few other ventures.  I wouldn’t count out seeing her herding little bodies again in the near future. God’s love and peace moving forward!
     Goodbye to Mrs. Francke - Long-time Teaching Assistant We are very lucky to have so many positive people serve as Teaching Assistants each year, and Mrs. Francke is a textbook example of our good fortune.  Mrs. Francke has faithfully served our students for 9 years. Whether giving pointers on tying shoes, leading reading groups, or laying out strategies to attack math facts or story problems, Mrs. Francke patiently met students where they were and helped them get to where they needed to be. With daughter Annabelle now graduated, the timing is right for a change. Mrs. Francke - God’s blessing and joy of family in the time ahead.
     Goodbye to Mrs. Hoy - Retiring from Teaching Assistant a second time! I believe the classic line from the Godfather III is fitting here, “Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in!”  Mrs. Hoy stepped down once a few years back, only to be pulled back in by her good friend Mrs. Ensley. But, alas, all good things must come to an end, or at least retire and be allowed to finally sleep in once a while! Always faithful, patient, caring and willing to help, she was a reassuring presence and role model for her students. Thank you again for coming back in a time of need. Peace, joy, and a quiet morning coffee in fuzzy slippers next school year!     
     Goodbye to Ms. Lexie Baron - Ms. Baron has served as a Teaching Assistant during her years of college study as her schedule allowed. We were fortunate to have her with us most of this year as she assisted grade 5 and even helped with maternity leave the past few months. We congratulate Ms. Baron on her graduation earlier this month and we ask that you keep her prayer as she begins her Masters Program in Speech Pathology this fall. She will be missed by students and staff! Blessings and wisdom moving forward!

     Job Openings: I have begun interviewing for the following positions. Interested, please contact me. Thank you. -Rob S.
1. PreK-4 Teacher PM program (half day). 5.8 hours per day. Early Childhood certification preferred. Experience considered. If interested, contact Principal Robert Sordelet or 260-484-3392
2. Resource Teacher Grade 6, 7, & 8. This is a full-time position. Special Ed Licensure preferred and General Education Licensure considered. If interested, contact Principal Robert Sordelet or 260-484-3392
3. Teaching Assistants - 2 Positions open. 5.8 hours per day. These positions will be every day. These positions pay $12 per hour now, but likely will be more by the start of school.  $500 tuition discount per child enrolled in Catholic School. Contact Principal Robert Sordelet or 260-484-3392

LOOKING AHEAD - ST. CHARLES SCHOOL CALENDAR 2022-2023 revised and updated
First Day of School Grades PreK-8:                              Wednesday, August 10
Bishop Rhoades’ Pastoral Visit with 8:15 am Mass      August 26    
Catholic School Mission Day (No School):                   September 1
Diocesan Curriculum Day (No School):                        September 2
Labor Day (No School):                                                September 5
Fall Break - No School                                                 October 14- updated
Mass at Coliseum with Bishop Rhoades- school will be in session October 17- updated
Parent-Teacher Conferences                                       Oct. 26-27, no school
Thanksgiving Vacation:                                                Friday, Oct. 28 Wed, Nov. 23-Fri., Nov. 25
8th Grade Mass of Confirmation w/Bishop Rhoades revised Sat., December 3 (10:00a.m.)
Christmas Vacation:                                                     December 22 - January 4
Martin Luther King, Jr Day                                           January 17 (We are in session)
Presidents’ Day                                                            February 21 (We are in session)
Mental Health Day - No School                                   March 31
Spring Break:                                                              April 3 - 7
Good Friday (No School)                                            April 10
Easter Sunday                                                            April 9
Easter Monday (No School)                                       April 10
Grade 8 Graduation (tentative):                                 Tuesday, May 23
School Ends Grades K-8 (tentative):                         Friday, May 26

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