November 12, 2021 Newsletter

Wed./Thurs./Fri. Nov. 24, 25, & 26  No School - Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Parents and Students -  I hope you are well. Our students are working hard and our Faculty and Staff even harder and I appreciate the good work from all. Regarding our overall health: right now we are experiencing a few cases of Covid, but we are seeing more upper respiratory viruses, some strep, and some hand, foot, and mouth symptoms. Unfortunately, as Covid diminishes, the old standbys have made a comeback. We hoped to lessen of some of our spacing measures by this time of year, but with Covid still among us, the other usual illnesses, Thanksgiving family crowds, and then more at Christmas - we are now hoping for mid-January to lessen measures and come closer together in various areas of the school. Please continue to stress fundamental good practices & hygiene (cough/sneeze into elbows, frequent handwashing, avoid rubbing eyes, nose, mouth, etc., keeping some distance when conversing, and so forth) so that we can minimize outbreaks as much as possible. 
    Teacher/Staff Stress and the Teacher Shortage: The Covid surge at the start of the school year forced everyone to revert to semi-emergency mode for the first month of school and sustaining that stress level took a toll on our school community. We are working through this fatigue, but please recognize that it is real and burnout is very high in the teaching and staffing ranks across the country. If you have ever wanted to be a teacher, a classroom assistant, or drive a school bus, this is the time to act!
     We also have a national shortage of teachers.  Many veterans across the country retired early due to the Covid mess, and many more are leaving the profession at an alarming rate. Additionally, the Federal Government has pumped unprecedented amounts of new funding into the public school systems across the country - with much of that funding expressly earmarked for teacher salaries. That is why we are seeing significant increases in teacher salaries for the next two years (and probably beyond) in the surrounding public school systems. I support higher salaries for teachers in our area - both public and private. My more immediate concern, and that of my fellow principals, is that the wage gap between public and private schools will become so great that our wonderful teachers, in the interest of their families, will move on to greener ($) pastures sooner than later.  Catholic schools do not have unlimited Government funds, but we can and must do more.  This matter is in discussion and study throughout the Diocese and with your prayer and support I am hopeful that positive steps will be made yet this year for next year and beyond. Thank you for your children! Sincerely - Rob S.     

Job Openings: 
Teaching Assistant - PreKindergarten for second semester. Morning to noonish. 4.5 hours per day. This position pays $12 per hour + a $300 tuition discount per child enrolled in Catholic School. Contact Principal Sordelet or 260-484-3392
Teaching Assistant - Permanent Sub. 5.8 hours per day. This position will be every day. Candidate is flexible & able to fill in as needed PreK - 6 grade.  This position pays $12 per hour + a $300 tuition discount per child enrolled in Catholic School. Contact Principal Sordelet or 260-484-3392

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