November 5, 2021 Newsletter


Saturday/Sunday, Nov. 6 & 7 Daylight Saving Time ends Adjust your clocks - ‘Fall Back’ an hour
Monday, November 8th Out-of-Uniform Day - All Students/Staff       Please follow dress-down guidelines
Wed./Thurs./Fri. Nov. 24, 25, & 26  No School - Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Parents and Students -  I hope you are well this early November! I encourage you again to catch the fall colors before the next heavy rain brings most of the beautiful foliage down.  Even if you just take a short, scenic drive, a walk, or just park your car somewhere for 10 or 15 minutes to be at ease and soak in some sun and color. No Smartphone post compares to fall colors!
     Speaking of the good and the wonderful, as I attended my Aunt Jane’s funeral this past Tuesday and had time to first pray and reflect, and then after the burial, the pleasure to sit down for a meal with cousins I had not seen in over 20 years, it was evident that we were all getting old! Age is not the good and wonderful of which I am referring, but of the bonds that we have made - even though many years have passed - as members of the same family. As we get older, we become more appreciative of having family in our lives. 
    As the Principal of the school for the past 21 years, the Holy Spirit was indeed active in slapping me on the cheek (in love) many times this week. Here too, in the school setting, the forging of bonds of family and the gift of seeing the small grow tall from age 5 to 15 to 30 and now 46 or 47 years old for some of my earliest students. And add to that all of their parents, grandparents, and support family who I have had the privilege to know over the years, and I have truly been touched by a great deal of good and wonderful blessings in my life.  “Do you remember me?” “Do you know I’m a senior now?” “There I am!” as they search the Graduation pictures in the Hession Center hallway. Usually followed by “Look at that hair!” or even “I was wearing a bow tie!” 
     Thursday evening was the capper of the good and wonderful as I held the side door open for the 8th grade students and their sponsors as they processed into the Gathering Space before the Confirmation Mass. It was a parade of ‘Who’s Who’ as graduated siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends walked past saying ‘hello’, sharing a few knuckles, a nod, a smile - so many people who have been part of St. Charles and connected to our community and the lives of our students through the years. 
    And Yesterday, November 4th, we celebrated the Feast of St. Charles Borromeo, Sister Genevieve’s birthday, and a Holy Mass of Confirmation for our 8th grade students! Many thanks to our grade 4 students and their teachers for leading our Feast Day Mass celebration in the morning! The students were dressed in their saints costume and looked fantastically authentic. The Mass was streamed to our classrooms so that all of the students could participate spiritually in union with the Mass. Thank you also to Sr. Genevieve who has continued to faithfully serve our school children for 38 years.  She has been a role model, leader, mentor, guardian, and friend to so many, and we wish her God’s blessings on this, her Birthday!!
     Many thanks also to Bishop Rhoades, Fr. Tom, Fr. James, Fr. Daniel, Ms. Johns, Ms. Schleinkofer, Mr. Heimann, Mrs. McGraw, Sr. Genevieve, Mr. Robison and all of our teachers, staff, and parents for working to prepare our students and lead the celebration of their reception of this important and holy sacrament! Bishop Rhoades focused on the three Cardinal Virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love during his homily. As a school community, we will continue in prayer for these young people that they may, through the power of the Holy Spirit, be strong in their faith - always walking with Jesus Christ, be filled with hopeful hearts in good times and in sorrow, and live a life of love for God and others! Congratulations to our 8th grade students as you are now young adults in the Catholic Church! 
    In closing, Happy Feast of St. Charles Borromeo! This year marks our 63rd Anniversary as a school. Over 5,000 graduates, 3 Pastors, 10 Principals, hundreds of Faculty and Staff, and multiple thousands of parents, extended family, and parishioners. We pray that God will continue to bless our School Community and our Parish Community for generations to come! Thank you all! -Rob S.

St. Charles Craft Fair!! The Fine Arts Boosters’ annual Craft Fair is this Saturday, November 6th, 8:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. with wares throughout the school building. Over 100 vendors are registered to sell their fabulous items! Stop in and shop till you drop! All proceeds from this marvelous event benefit our students’ ‘Fine Arts’ programs - the areas of art, music, and drama. All are welcome!

Team for Thanksgiving with our Student Council to Raise $700 for the Franciscan Center!   
The annual Franciscan Ctr. Thanksgiving food drive for neighbors in need has begun! Our St. Charles Borromeo StudentCouncil is asking students to make a monetary donation next week, November 8-12. If we reach our goal of $700, Fr. Tom has agreed to an out-of-uniform day for all students on Tuesday, November 23rd! Our Student Council is hoping that each student can try to donate at least a dollar. We encourage older students who may have a little more to be generous to help make up for little ones who might have a little less. If we reach $1,100, Sr. Genevieve has offered to throw in an extra treat. In advance, you are thanked for your generosity!

Job Opening: Teaching Assistant - Grade 3. Our Teaching Assistants are treasures! This position pays $12 per hour + a $300 tuition discount per child enrolled in Catholic School. Contact Principal Sordelet or 260-484-3392

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