September 24, 2021 Newsletter

Monday, October 4th No School ‘Day Off’ for StudentsTeachers Attend INPEC in Indianapolis

Dear Parents and Students -  I hope you are well. We broiled last Saturday and were freezing by Wednesday so please send a jacket, fleece, sweatshirt, etc., and maybe a stocking hat, headband, ear muffs, etc. with your child each day. The forecast may say 65 degrees, but at 11:00 a.m. it may still be only 50 degrees and windy on our open playground area. Students can always take off layers if too hot, but can’t put on what they don’t bring to school!

Parent Survey: Share Your Ideas for our St. Charles Borromeo School 5-yr. Strategic Plan 2022-2027
    Our St. Charles Borromeo School Board has begun the process of creating a new 5 yr. Strategic Plan. Parents, you are important Stakeholders and your input is valued. The Strategic Plan is comprehensive and covers the following areas: Catholic Identity, Enrollment/Marketing, Curriculum/School Improvement, Facilities/Capital Improvement, Finance/Development.  At this point, the Strategic Planning Committee is in the 'Brainstorming' phase. They are collecting input/ideas that stakeholders believe are needs, wants, dreams, hopes, etc., and then they are taking the input and organizing it according to Subcommittee areas of responsibility. 
     For example, in past plans, the proposal for moving from a physical coupon booklet for monthly tuition remittance to an online, electronic format would have gone to the Finance/Development Committee for discussion, vetting, and prioritization. The Finance/Development Committee would then present their list of proposed goals to the Steering Committee in January.  The goal of moving to online tuition collection may have been in their final list of proposals and would have been included in the overall 5-yr. plan. 
     Parents, please look over the survey and respond by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, October 1st, so that we can share your ideas during this brainstorming phase. Parent Survey Link - Ideas for 5-yr. Strategic Plan   
Have a nice weekend everyone.  Sincerely - Rob S.

Food Collection to Honor St. Vincent DePaul On Monday, September 27, we honor St. Vincent De Paul, the patron saint of charitable organizations.  In order to help fill the shelves at food banks of Associated Churches of Fort Wayne and Allen County, we are holding a school-wide food collection. Each student is asked to bring in at least one item from the list for his/her grade.  Representatives from the Associated Churches food banks will be here on Tuesday morning to collect the food and to distribute to the various church food pantries in town, one of which is at St. Patrick’s, the parish with which St. Charles ‘twins’. We appreciate your participation in carrying on the good works of St. Vincent de Paul.
Please do not bring in items in glass jars. pasta/rice/beans Kindergarten:  jelly (16 oz. plastic bottles)                        Grade 5:  canned soup                            Grade 2:  canned fruit               Grade 6:  canned meat (chicken, tuna, beef)
Grade 3:  canned soup                            Grade 7:  canned fruit               Grade 4:  canned meat (tuna, chicken, beef)          Grade 8:  pasta/rice/beans

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