September 30, 2022 Newsletter

Friday, October 14 No School Fall Break
Wednesday, October 26th Early Dismissal at 1:00 pm     Parent-Teacher conferences, 2:00-7:00pm

Thursday, October 27th No School eLearning Day          Parent-Teacher conferences, 9am-1:00pm
Friday, October 28th No School Family Day

Dear Parents and Students - Just a few items as we move forward into October. Please read the information throughout the newsletter so that you are prepared for conferences, eLearning, and so forth. I ask that you would also pray for the sick of our school and Parish community. We have families and extended families who are facing tough battles and prayer will help. Thank you. -Rob S.

Parent-Teacher Conferences Oct. 26-27. In-person Parent-Teacher conferences will be held on Wednesday, October 26, 2:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m. and Thursday, October 27, from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Conferences will be held in 15-minute intervals:  10 minutes for parents and students to meet with the teacher and a 5-minute passing time between conferences.
Schedule Your Conference Appointments with SignUp Genius! Links will open on Monday, October 3rd! 
Again this year parents of PreK-6 students will have the opportunity to schedule times in which to visit with their child’s homeroom teacher using SignUp Genius. We wish to provide a convenient process for our families. Parents, once you have scheduled online, you will be sent a reminder a couple of days before the scheduled conference. Parents of 7th and 8th students may sign up to meet with any of the 7th and 8th grade teachers.  In this way, a parent may choose to conference with a junior high teacher(s) who teaches a specific subject area to better target academic or behavior concerns pertaining to a particular teacher/subject area.
     I always ask that parents understand that conferences should be viewed as a positive, collaborative experience - a time when concerns, helpful strategies, and encouragement can be exchanged; however, due to the large number of parents with whom teachers will meet, conference time is limited. If there is a topic that parents feel will need more time than ten minutes or so, please contact the teacher before or after these conference days, so that all will have appropriate time for lengthier discussion.
     Using SignUp Genius, parents will be invited to schedule their conferences according to the number of children here in school, and thus, the number of appointments needed.  Parents will be able to schedule their conferences as close in time to each other as needed.   Conference appointment scheduling will open online through SignUp Genius on Monday, October 3rd for families with 4 or more students at St. Charles.  Families with 3 children will have appointment scheduling open on Wednesday, October 5th. Families with 2 children will be able to schedule beginning on Friday, October 7th while families with 1 child at St. Charles will be able to schedule their conference appointment on Monday, October 10th. You will receive a text/email alert through SchoolMessenger the morning of your signup day.  Thank you!

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