September 6, 2023 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Students - Thank you for your flexibility and understanding with this shortened week. I offer this short reflection from St. Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa) whose Feast Day was this past Tuesday, September 5th. I know that you are loving parents and that raising children and meeting family duties can be challenging - even exhausting. Thank you for giving your love.  -Rob S.

“Love has no meaning if it isn’t shared. Love has to be put into action. You have to love without expectation, to do something for love itself, not for what you may receive. If you expect something in return, then it isn’t love, because true love is loving without conditions and expectations.”

Display yard signs and decals and earn your children dress down days!! 
Thank you for sending in your photos of students standing near your St. Charles School yard signs and/or car decals. These signs & decals are provided at no cost to families from your Home and School Association.
We recently had the “yard sign” dress down day and will have another dress day on Monday, September 11th for the “decal”. Thanks for supporting our school and thank you for showing such strong school spirit.

We are in the process of finalizing the St. Charles School Directory. The directory includes the student’s name, telephone number,  address, and parent names. IF YOU DO NOT WANT ANY, OR ALL, OF THIS INFORMATION INCLUDED IN THE DIRECTORY PLEASE EMAIL THE SCHOOL OFFICE: BY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15. If your address or phone number has changed recently, please let the office know so we can correct it in our information system.  A copy of the directory will be sent home with the youngest child in each family. 

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