St Charles Volleyball for 2022-23 School Year

The 2022 St. Charles Volleyball season for young ladies in 5th through 8th grade will have tryouts the first week of August in the school gym (door #3). Please bring a filled water bottle, gym shoes and kneepads (only if you have them).  All St. Charles students are required to have a current athletic physical to participate in sports.  Contact the Athletic Board at with questions.  

Volleyball Tryouts are as follows:

5th Grade

  • Monday, August 1: 330p-530p
  • Wednesday, August 3:  530p-730p

6th Grade

  • Monday, August 1: 530p-730p
  • Wednesday, August 3:  330p-530p

7th Grade

  • Tuesday, August 2:  500p-700p
  • Thursday, August 4:  630p-800p

8th Grade

  • Tuesday, August 2:  700p-900p
  • Thursday, August 4:  430p-630p

Athletes should bring gym shoes, water, and have a completed physical on file.